Snappy Fax

Snappy Fax е програма, чрез която можете да превърнете Вашия компютър във факс-апарат.

С нея можете да приемате или изпращате факсове, да препращате приет факс на определен e-mail адрес или да създадете заглавен лист или бланка за Вашия факс. Лиценз: Платен (Shareware).

Промени в Snappy Fax

  • Added Watch Folder option to automatically retry failed faxes
  • The option ‘Auto-Size Thumbnails’ has been deprecated, is always true now
  • The option ‘Show Record Count in Navigator’ has been deprecated, is always true now
  • Added new Email to Fax option, “Send Status Reply Only if Fax Failed’
  • Notable performance improvements in executing certain SQL queries
  • Saved Grid Filters were not being properly applied at startup
  • The Ribbon can now be minimized by clicking the chevron drop-down button at the right edge of the Quick Bar
  • When the Ribbon is minimized, annotation tools are shown in a floating window when the Image Viewer is being shown
  • New folders can not be added to the Draft and Scheduled Faxes node in the Navigator
  • New button on the mini-toolbar (above the data grid) allows you to lock specific records.  Locked records cannot be focused or selected by the user.  Requires password entry.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Официална страница
Изтегли: Snappy Fax Desktop Client (50.3 MB)
Изтегли: Snappy Fax Network Server (17.7 MB)

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